Stephen Miller rips lazy lawmakers and Zuckerberg in backing Mo Brooks


Paul Bedard – The Washington Examiner

A top former Trump aide planted the “America First” flag in Alabama Monday night, declaring that the movement will continue with the election of controversial Rep. Mo Brooks to the Senate to replace retiring Sen. Richard Shelby.

“Tonight will be remembered by history as the night as the night we began to take back our country,” said Stephen Miller in a fiery endorsement of Brooks, the architect of the GOP challenge to the Electoral College election of Joe Biden as president.

“The fight to save America and to save our country, our Constitution, and our liberty begins right here in Alabama,” said Miller to cheers.

Brooks is one of two Republicans to announce plans to run for the Senate in 2022, and Miller’s endorsement should help with fans of former President Donald Trump, who has had several calls with Brooks about the race.

“I am honored to have Stephen’s wholehearted endorsement. It is a strong message to Alabamians that Mo Brooks is the ‘Make America Great Again’ candidate,” said Brooks in his announcement at Huntsville’s Bullet and Barrel gun range.

Miller was Trump’s hammer on key issues such as immigration during his four years in the White House. His speech was reminiscent of his 2016 campaign speeches opening for Trump.

He criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies, Big Tech, and lawmakers who just call it in.

Miller said that Brooks, whom he worked with when he was a Senate staffer before the Trump campaign, will lead efforts to overturn Biden policies and challenge Big Tech’s effort to quiet conservatives.

“If you want to send a message to Silicon Valley that this nation’s future isn’t going to be decided by [Amazon’s] Jeff Bezos and [Facebook’s] Mark Zuckerberg, but is going to be decided by hard-working patriotic citizens like the people in this room, then once again, there is one thing you need to do — and that is support Mo Brooks,” said Miller.

Near the end of his address, he also hit liberals, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and centrist Republicans for undermining Trump’s policies.

And he criticized the professional politician class. “Aren’t we all tired of being represented by politicians who just sit there and do nothing? They have their talking points, barely mouth the words. They’re only half in it, maybe. Waiting to get to the next fundraiser. Don’t we deserve better?” he said to cheers of “yes.”

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