Over the past 11 years, no Congressman in America has had a better record on border security than Mo Brooks.

This week, Katie Britt released her immigration plan:  a list of border security and immigration reforms championed by Congressman Mo Brooks!

Katie Britt’s immigration plan is long on chutzpah but short on honesty.

Here are the facts: 

1. Mo Brooks has led on all of the policy priorities listed by Katie Britt. In other words, Katie Britt’s plan copies Mo Brooks on everything. What a great idea!

2. Mo Brooks is #1 on Border Security.  According to the leading anti-illegal alien group in America, NumbersUSA, Alabama’s Mo Brooks has ranked #1 out of 435 Congressmen on border security for 11 straight years. No Congressman has had a better border security record or fights illegal aliens better than Mo Brooks. Period.

3. Actions speak louder than words.  Candidate Katie Britt says she will be strong on border security but her past actions say the opposite:

3.A. Katie Britt is a BCA/Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist. No special interest group has spent more money or done more to lobby for open borders and cheap foreign labor than the Chamber.  The special interest groups that crave unjust profits, open borders and unlimited cheap foreign labor had six U.S. Senate candidates to choose from.  They all prefer and support fellow registered lobbyist Katie Britt, and help fund Katie Britt’s millions of dollars in negative, deceitful attack ads against Mo Brooks.  In politics there is an old saying, “Follow the money!”  The money says Katie Britt is loyal to open borders and cheap foreign labor.

3.B. Donald Trump’s #1 campaign promise was “build the wall”.  President Trump could not fulfill his promise because Senate appropriator Richard Shelby and Katie Britt (Shelby’s Chief of Staff) blocked and refused to provide President Trump’s wall funding!  The result?  No wall and porous, open borders.

3.C. The Katie Britt team’s radio ads attack Mo Brooks because Mo Brooks objected to and fought a bad plan to deport all illegal aliens . . . and then let them all back in legally (costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars with nothing substantive to show for it).  Fortunately, Mo Brooks (and other border security allies) helped make President Trump’s border security plan much better:  build the wall, deport illegal aliens, and limit the importation of cheap foreign labor to what America can reasonably absorb.

4. Every single dishonest attack against Mo Brooks on TV right now is paid for by  Mitch McConnell-aligned forces attempting to lie to Alabama voters. The biggest funders of these ads: the pro-McConnell open borders lobby that is ALL IN for Katie Britt. Her being tough on immigration is laughable!

Mo Brooks said:

“I have fought for border security and struggling American families since my first day in Congress.  I know first-hand the tricks employed by politicians who deceive the public into thinking they are for border security when, in fact, they block border security in exchange for special interest group checks.  Katie Britt is a master at border security deception. America, there are “real deals” and “pretenders”.  On border security, Katie Britt is most definitely a “pretender”.  America won’t have border security until voters stop being conned by slick politicians and their high-priced campaign ads.”

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