Protecting Alabama Citizens

No nation can exist without borders. I strongly believe in border enforcement and strictly upholding America’s laws against illegal immigration.  I support rational levels of legal immigration that leads to a stable rather than continually growing US population. America simply must limit the flow of people into our country to preserve our natural environment and resources.

President Trump was right, we must build the wall to stop illegal entry and keep out criminals and others who want to harm our country and our way of life. As a Congressman, I have sponsored and cosponsored legislation to fund the border wall in support of the President.

Policy makers’ primary concern in all public policy matters should be the well-being of America’s native workforce – especially our most vulnerable citizens who are hurt by additional competition from low-skilled immigrants. As your Senator, I will work to make sure that we pass immigration laws that are aimed at protecting American workers. We have the strongest, toughest, and best workers in the country located in Alabama. But as long as there are foreign workers who are willing to work for lower wages than Americans, special interests will continue to undercut American workers by falsely claiming that immigration is necessary to address “chronic labor shortages.” We must crack down on unauthorized workers and those that use illegal labor. I am in favor of a nationwide E-Verify program that requires companies to employ only those individuals who may legally work in the United States.

Illegal Immigration is also a direct threat to our national sovereignty. The open border policies promoted by liberal special interests can easily be exploited by terrorists and others who threaten our security. In order to protect our nation, we need measures in place that significantly reduce the ability of potential terrorists to operate freely in our country.

Help us Strengthen our Borders!