Congressman Mo Brooks Announces Run For U.S. Senate


Brooks Endorsed by President Donald J. Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller 

Huntsville, Ala. — Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) announced his candidacy for the United States Senate. Brooks, twice endorsed by and a staunch ally of President Trump, is the number one Congressman on border security issues, and led the fight in Congress for honest and accurate elections by challenging the certification of 2020 Electoral College votes submitted by states whose election systems were so badly flawed as to render their reported results untrustworthy.  

Brooks made his announcement to a packed crowd in Huntsville that included overflow outside the venue. 

In an announcement video, Brooks laid out his promise to lead the Senate fight against the radical Socialist agenda. 

On his candidacy, Congressman Brooks released the following statement:

“Radical Socialists seek to destroy the foundational principles that have made America the greatest nation in world history. I cannot sit on the sideline and watch Socialists destroy an America I love. The stakes have never been higher. It is clear the Senate needs leaders willing to fight rather than cower in their foxholes. I am running for the Senate because America’s status as the greatest nation in world history is at risk, and because I am the only candidate for Senate with a proven record of conservative leadership that Alabama voters can trust and rely on.”

Endorsing Brooks in person from the rally was former White House Senior Policy Advisor and speechwriter Stephen Miller. Miller served as a senior campaign advisor to then-candidate Trump, and played a large role during the full four years of the Trump Administration. Miller is currently still a senior advisor to Trump. 

On his support for Brooks, Miller said: 

“For the last four years, no one had President Trump’s back more than Mo Brooks. Now, I need you to have HIS back. I need you to support Mo Brooks so he can proudly carry on the fight for the America First agenda. The campaign to save America begins right here in Alabama, and it begins with your vote for Mo Brooks.”

On Miller’s endorsement, Congressman Brooks said the following:

“Stephen Miller is an American patriot who served President Trump in the White House from the first day to the last. He knows what it takes to be a strong leader, and has seen first hand just how effective America First policies can be for America. I am honored to have Stephen’s wholehearted endorsement. It is a strong message to Alabamians that Mo Brooks is the Make America Great Again candidate. America First is not just political jargon or a buzz word I throw around, it is who I am and what I fight for.”

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