Huntsville, Ala. — Today, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) announced his FIRE MCCONNELL Tour, a statewide tour, which will include over 100 townhalls and public events between now and May 24th’s Republican primary election.

The campaign plans to be in all of Alabama’s 67 counties by the primary election, as well.

On his tour, Congressman Brooks released the following statement:

“Mitch McConnell likes fighting Trump more than he likes fighting Democrats. The entire time President Trump was in office, McConnell repeatedly undermined President Trump, refused to build the Wall, refused to investigate 2020 voter fraud and election theft, and refused to stand up to the Russia Hoax. McConnell; hates the America First agenda; hates small-government conservatives; hates principled leaders; and hates the House Freedom Caucus. This race is not about me: it’s the America First agenda vs the swamp, Mitch McConnell, and the bought and paid for special interest agenda. It is time for conservatives to choose sides. In 2017, McConnell spent more than ten million dollars lying about me and my record. Now he’s at it again.”

On the tour, Brooks’ Campaign Manager Forrest Barnwell-Hagemeyer said the following:

“This race is the DC Swamp and Mitch McConnell and his allies against the conservatives of Alabama. Mo Brooks has the most conservative record of any member of the Alabama delegation and will continue to run the most aggressive grassroots race of anyone in the state. America-First Conservatives know Mo, and trust Mo. It’s time for real conservatives to lead, and it’s time to Fire McConnell.”

More information can be found at Townhall dates and locations will be released soon.

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